Welcome Home… Again!


In case you missed it, I moved my blog to a new domain name. I decided to make the switch for a couple of different reasons, one being that it made me kind of nervous to have my full name out there like that. Maybe I’m just being paranoid, but you never know what kind of weirdos are out there, you know?

Also, neverfails is a lot easier to spell than the hundreds of different ways to spell my three names put together.

So welcome to my new domain! Make yourself at home and come back often! 🙂



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3 responses to “Welcome Home… Again!

  1. BT

    Why don’t you just purchase a domain name and make a wordpress website out of it? It’s REALLY easy to do, I did it before for BT71.com in like 30 minutes. I would do it again, but my blogging isn’t enough to move over to brandontravis.com (which I own, BTW). Just sayin’.

  2. BT

    $9/yr for a domain and usually a $25 a year for hosting…thus you’re out a whopping $34 a year for your own website.

    And BTW, I’m a graduate student…which means you probably take home 4X as much as I do. No more BMW’s for BT while in graduate school.

  3. Aaron M

    ^^^Werd. It’s not that hard really. I have all my domain names. Yes I said NAMES, under godaddy and they’re like 7 a year. If I grab some more PHP space I might slot you some if you ever want.

    But it is good to see your doing well and yak back sometime, never hear from ya.

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