A Grammar Lesson: Him and I

Hi there!  This blog (and,therefore, this post) has recently moved to http://mymessymanger.blogspot.com.

Click here to read all about how to use Him and I correctly.

Have a great day!




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3 responses to “A Grammar Lesson: Him and I

  1. Yes! I wholeheartedly share your frustration! As a professional communicator, nothing rubs me the wrong way quite as much. I take that back. I’d love to see another grammar lesson on sentence fragments and punctuation. 🙂

    I enjoyed your observation.

  2. Georgiana

    I am happy to see that I am not the only one concerned about proper grammar. 🙂

  3. Iva Anderson

    What is particularly irritating to me about “with Tom and I” is that it is educated people doing it. And, they do it ALL the time. I work for IBM. All the managers and executives say it all the time. And, on TV, you rarely hear it used correctly. I fear the objective pronoun in a compound object will fall out of use.

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