No, Really. The Winkee.

What in the world?? Is that a thong on a bra? No, my friend. It’s a Winkee!

I found this hilarious website today skimming the interwebs. Really, once you get past giggling over the way it looks, it’s a pretty good concept (although Erin at A Dress A Day thinks it should have a hidden pocket… and I can’t say I diasgree). Basically, it clips to any bra as an alternative to wearing a camisole under low-cut shirts.

I love that on the How It Works page, it says that, among other things, the Winkee makes men more productive. They also remind you that the Winkee does not cure the common cold. These ladies obviously have a sense of humor!

What do you think? Wardrobe-saving solution or funny-looking flop? I think I’m tempted to get (or sew) one for myself!



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7 responses to “No, Really. The Winkee.

  1. how funny! me and my friends call them ‘modesty panels’ i really could have used this at my wedding 🙂

  2. um…awesome. I’m buying one asap. I hate the way my camisole rides up under my shirt. Funny, but actually extrememly practical.

  3. Stacy Leigh

    Let me know how you like it, Judi. I’m seriously considering getting one too, for the same reason- I hate it when my camisoles ride up. 🙂

  4. I love this! Iwould totally buy one.

  5. Wren

    I love the Weenkie idea! I will have to get or sew one myself too!

    PS I just found your blog today and while I should be out running errands, I have been sitting here for two hours reading all your posts …. BTW, I have been shampoo-less in the past, too. I LOVE it, but not the second week. >:)

    PPS I brought my kids into the room to read your grammar posts — yet they can attest that your/you’re and me vs. I drive me equally insane!

  6. Andrea

    I now own a few Winkees! Ladies let me tell you! This product is amazing! I just love that I can wear any top or dress without worrying that my girls are showing! Plus I just love going on the winkee website its just so cute

  7. MrsHutch

    I posted this a year ago, but now that I’m a mom I’m realizing how awesome this would be for breastfeeding!

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