I’m taking a break from Curly Girl

Hi!  My blog (and this post) has recently packed up and moved.  Click here to read about my break from Curly Girl.




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7 responses to “I’m taking a break from Curly Girl

  1. I can’t believe that’s your natural hair! I love it! I guess I need to go back and read what “curly girl” is! 🙂 But have fun with the straight, it’s so fun to change things up!

  2. They have a lot of info about the curly girl method at NaturallyCurly.com… a great web site for curlies!

  3. Your hair is GORGEOUS!!!!!!
    Just beautiful!


  4. Sally

    I really want to try the curly girl method. I have the book, but I’ve having a hard time finding the right products. Please tell me what you used. All the clear gels I find either have “cones” in them or make my hair hard. I’m not too sure about the conditioners I’ve tried either.
    By the way, your hair is beautiful.

  5. Stacy Leigh

    I actually don’t use any gels at all because I have really sensitive skin and they make my face break out. I just use a LOT of conditioner and then put more in it after I shower as if it were gel. It works better some days than others, depending on the weather and how frizzy my hair decides to be. 🙂

  6. What gorgeous ringlets you have!

    I completely understand taking a break from the curly girl routine, and think it is wise to continue to “no-poo” while straightening it.

    Now you know the joys of being curly and either way your hair will be healthier for following the curly girl commandments. Best! Jen

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