Knitted Baby Blanket… or Afghan

I wrote this post a while back about wanting to knit a baby blanket.  Well, I got everything I needed and went to work on it, carefully following the instructions that I linked to in the aforementioned post… or so I thought.

Apparently I accidentally grabbed the wrong size circular needles in my haste at Michael’s (I totally blame it on pregnancy brain haze).  Her instructions call for size 7 needles, but when I was getting them I couldn’t find size 7, only 6.5.  I figured it wasn’t that much difference so I grabbed them anyway.  Probably about 15 or 20 rows into it, I started getting really confused because mine was turning out a LOT bigger than it should.  That’s when I realized that I hadn’t gotten size 6.5 needles, I’d gotten 6.5mm needles… which are actually size 10.5!

That’s when I knew that my baby blanket was actually going to be more like a full sized afghan!  Funny, because in my earlier post, I’d mentioned kind of wanting it to be bigger.

You know what?  I actually love the size it turned out.  It is the stretch armstrong of blankets, and just the perfect amount of cozy.  Check it out:



I love the colors.  Totally without even meaning to, the reddish orange color perfectly matches our living room, the teal perfectly matches our bedroom, and the lighter brown pefectly matches hub’s office.  So no matter what room it is in, it looks awesome.  What more could you really ask for?

So if you want a baby blanket, get size 7 needles.  But if you want an afghan, you can do the exact same thing with bigger needles!


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2 responses to “Knitted Baby Blanket… or Afghan

  1. Congratulation on the baby!

    Isn’t fun when a mistake turns out just right? Your afghan looks so cozy.

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