Anybody know how to get candle wax off cats?

We have a candle warmer with a big strawberry scented jar candle on it that sits on the end table in our living room.  As hubs and I were just eating lunch, we witnessed two wild, play-fighting cats run into the living room and jump on the armrest of the loveseat beside that table.  In the blink of an eye they lost their balance, hit the jar full of melted wax, and sent wax flying everywhere… including all over themselves. (The pictures don’t totally do it justice, but they were the best I could do.  Click on them to see them bigger.)


img_06112How could we be upset when they look so hilarious?!  And they smell like strawberries!  Hahaha!  Hubs says they look like the stars of a horror movie.  🙂

Seriously though… any ideas on how to get this off of them?



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2 responses to “Anybody know how to get candle wax off cats?

  1. I like their radical new look. As a teenager I used to pay a hairdresser good money to make me look like that.
    Having had something similar happen with my own two cats, I can recommend peanut butter. On the cats, not on toast. Smear it over the wax and it removes it easily, although then you have a new problem – cats that are covered with peanut butter.
    Vegetable oil works just as well. Be warned, your cats will hate you afterwards, possibly forever.

  2. They are cute! I like the peanut butter idea. I think my idea will need another set of hands:
    1. Hold the cat down.
    2. Hold an ice cube up to the wax.
    3. In about a minute or so, (If you’re still holding on to the cat), the wax should be solidified enough to become brittle and break off in pieces.

    Alas, like the aforementioned helper, be prepared to have a seriously ticked off cat! Our family members have voted our cat the distinguished award “MOST LIKELY TO RUN FLAMING THROUGH THE HOUSE”. Remember – you’ve gotta catch ’em first!
    Hope this helps!

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