Fifth Disease

Hi there, this blog (and therefore, this post) has recently moved to:

Click here to read about Fifth Disease and see a picture of my son’s red cheeks.

Have a great day!


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4 responses to “Fifth Disease

  1. Martha

    the same thing happened to my goddaughter!
    she had a fever for a week then it broke then the next day she had a rash all over her body. it looked like chicken pox but it wasn’t pronounced, it was more light pink dots than anything. we took her to the emergency where they poked and prodded; the doctors gave us inconclusive diagnosis, just some sort of virus. the next day the spots were already fading. the day after that she was fine!
    she has really sensitive skin so we thought that might be it.

  2. Oh poor boy! I hope he’s better by now!

  3. Serina

    My son’s cheeks look the same way… but he got the red, chapped cheeks then3-4 days later he has a fever ranging from 101-103.5 f. Would this stillbe the same thing or something worse that I should bring him to a doctor for? Any advice would be helpful thnks!

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