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A Cat Nap


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we picture {this} – laughter

We picture {this} is a blog that I stumbled upon somehow a while back (no doubt surfing around for more photography websites to obsess over) and has been in my google reader for a while.  Every month, they have a photo contest centered around a particular theme.  September’s theme is laughter, and they were right… it was so hard to narrow my favorites down to just two pictures!  I finally decided on two very recent ones that I just love:

I love the tagline at we picture {this} :: a mamarazzi photoblog, because I am a TOTAL mamarazzi!  I encourage any of my momtographer friends, no matter your kind of camera or level of know-how, to head over to we picture {this} and check it out.

we picture {this}

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Jude on the Beach- A Collage

We spent a portion of our vacation in Greece at a place on the beach in the northern part of the country.  It was beautiful- the water was clear and calm most days, and from the beach we could look north and see Mt. Olympus.

Of course, to an 18 month-old, none of this compared to the fun of running in the opposite direction of the water, across the street, and into the restaurant to try to climb into a chair and onto the table.  (Have I mentioned that we’ve entered a climbing phase?  His new nickname is Evil Knievel.)  But we were able to distract him with the sand and surf occasionally, and I even managed to get a few decent pictures to prove it.  Below are some of my favorites:

pictures of my toddler on the beach combined into a collage

I’ve recently discovered how to put my pictures into collages in photoshop and am really enjoying playing with it (in between pulling my son down from the kitchen table, the stairs, his little desk, the window sills, and anywhere else he can find to climb).  In my last post of beach pictures, I used some free templates I found online, but for this one I wanted to make my own.  It was so easy!  I thought about posting the .psd file for others to download… I might do it if anybody comments and says they would use it.

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Beach Photography in Greece

We just returned from an amazing vacation in Greece!  About half of the trip was spent with another missionary couple that we work with, one of their four daughters, and her boyfriend.  I knew that I couldn’t pass up the chance to get some photography practice in while I had such great looking models in such a picturesque location, so on our last day at the beach, we all got cleaned up and had a little photo shoot.

First, some of my favorites of Rachel and Mike:

Mike and Rachel

I got some great ones of Eric and Stephanie, too.  You can really tell that they are still so in love after many years of marriage, kids, and ministry:

Eric and Stephanie

And lastly, I had to include some outtakes from the afternoon.  They were all so much fun and so patient with me as I’m learning how to take better pictures:

funny outtakes

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Sneak Peek: Rachel, Marina, and Dacia

Thursday, I had the joy of photographing three very beautiful ladies out at our camp in Vatici.  Here is just a little sneak peek of our shoot:

family and children's natural light photography

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My Photo Blog!

So, after thinking about starting a photo blog for a long time, I have finally decided to actually do it.  I’m so excited about it!  Most of them will be pictures you’ve seen before if you keep up with me on facebook, but these will be edited to hopefully look a little more professional, complete with a newly designed watermark.  (Which is pretty cute if I do say so myself!)

You can check it out here:

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Hubby and I are at his parents’ house this weekend for his little sister’s senior prom. They have a small goat farm, and this morning I had the honor of feeding Samson, a baby goat whose mother died in childbirth and has been raised on a bottle. While I was out there, I thought I’d take a few pictures of all of the adorable, curious baby goats and their reluctant mamas:


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