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Busted! Hilarious video of J

Hubs took this short video the other night when J was playing in Memaw’s spice cabinet (his new favorite toy, btw).  It is so perfectly hilarious that I just have to share!

In other news, we leave tomorrow morning for Moldova!  We can hardly believe that it is real.  Our plane takes off at 8:30am, so please pray for us beginning then and for the next 20 hours, which is how long it will take us to get there.  🙂



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J With Some Naked Ladies


Not what you were expecting?  😀

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Our Son, the Trinitarian

So last Sunday J said his first word, “Da-da.”  Then a few days later, in the midst of some happy morning babbling, we’re pretty sure we heard him say “Jesus” at least a couple of times.

So now we are just waiting for his third word to be “Holy Spirit.” 😛

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This Was So Us Today…


Seriously.  It was not our best day.

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Scary Bedtime Prayer

I never thought about the old “Now I lay me down to sleep” prayer being scary until I saw this hilarious bit from Tim Hawkins:


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What Happened to Polycarp the Fish???


Hubs woke me up this morning announcing that he couldn’t find Polycarp, our Betta fish.  I sleepily replied that he is a fish, there aren’t many places for him to hide.

So I went to check it out and sure enough, he was not in his vase!  And lest you be too quick to blame the kitties, we keep his vase on top of this baker’s cabinet (this is a pic from our old apartment before we got Polycarp.  He sits on the very top):library-1946

Calvin has gotten on top of this cabinet before, so to keep Polycarp safe, we surround his vase with a french press and coffee grinder.  There’s just no room for a cat to jump up there.

There’s no mess, no water, nothing out of its place.  Just an empty vase where last night when we went to bed there was a fish.  I searched the top of the cabinet, thinking he jumped out and there would be a dead fish up there, but found nothing.

We are SO confused!

The funny thing is, just last night I commented that I thought he may be on his last leg because he was starting to swim a little sideways and hadn’t been eating well lately.  Perhaps God took him straight up to fishy heaven like Elijah?  We just hope we don’t find (or worse, smell) a fish corpse tucked away somewhere a few weeks from now.

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Anybody know how to get candle wax off cats?

We have a candle warmer with a big strawberry scented jar candle on it that sits on the end table in our living room.  As hubs and I were just eating lunch, we witnessed two wild, play-fighting cats run into the living room and jump on the armrest of the loveseat beside that table.  In the blink of an eye they lost their balance, hit the jar full of melted wax, and sent wax flying everywhere… including all over themselves. (The pictures don’t totally do it justice, but they were the best I could do.  Click on them to see them bigger.)


img_06112How could we be upset when they look so hilarious?!  And they smell like strawberries!  Hahaha!  Hubs says they look like the stars of a horror movie.  🙂

Seriously though… any ideas on how to get this off of them?


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