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More Modesty Questions

Hmmm… great thoughts, and thank you to those who commented on my previous post. I’m still mulling over it. Modesty is so multi-faceted.

I agree with what all of you said. I guess more specifically what I’m thinking about is how do we make the jump from

” but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart,”


“Now the body is not for sexual immorality but for the Lord, and the Lord for the body.”


“short skirts, low cut tops and body hugging outfits are not what we are going to wear.”

I don’t disagree with it! I’m just thinking about it.

How much do we take into account cultural changes/differences? Like the story I heard about the middle eastern women who threw their skirts over their heads when a man walked in the room because in their culture it is more shameful for a man to see your face than your legs (that story could be totally wrong, I don’t know), or how men in Bible times wore robes that we would essentially consider dresses (and horrific for a man to wear) today.

Is there a way to say that X, Y, and Z are immodest forms of clothing? Or is it completely up to one’s conscience? What if a girl says, “You know, God just hasn’t convicted me about showing cleavage and midriff.” Do you tell her to pray about it some more and He’ll show her differently? 😀 How far do you take that? What if I say, “You know, God just hasn’t convicted me about wearing a headcovering/only dresses/no makeup/a burka/you name it.” Do you tell me (or think in your head) that if I would just pray about it God would show me differently?

I know there is SO MUCH more to modesty than just clothing, and I know they are all tied to one another, I’m just thinking in a more concrete way right now.

I think that a lot of my wrestling with the practical aspect of this comes from having been essentially a modern-day pharisee before I became a believer, and I projected what I thought was right onto everyone else. So it’s really difficult for me not to want some across-the-board standard for what is and is not modest so that I can enforce it in my own life and on others. I know that’s not right! I’m just thinking outloud mostly. 🙂 Thanks to anybody who has endured to the end of this rambly post!



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